Why Taking a Step Back is so Important

Hello everyone It’s me the Compulsive Smiler back to typing at computer! As you may have noticed I have taken a break from writing to you guys for a bit. It just so happens that I made the decision to take a mental health day to gather my thoughts and spend some much needed quality time with myself. You see the thing is I have had a lot of changes in my life in the past few months. One huge thing including graduating from college! Yes your girl officially has her bachelors degree! This has been such an interesting transitional period in my life that has truly been crazy.  For one I have been getting settled into my first place and having more bills and expenses than I have ever experienced (Although I love the new place! haha).

This is part of the reason why I have decided to take a break from blogging for a few months as I have found it difficult to focus my attention to all of my creative outlets. Now while changes can be exciting, they can also cause a great deal of stress and tension in one’s life. With that, they can cause you to be fearful of the uncertain because you are unsure of what comes next. While feeling this way it is easy to bring someone into somewhat of a depressive state, which I can relate to experiencing thus why I have found it difficult to engage in a lot of things. However I have given myself some time to realize that it is okay to feel scared, unsatisfied and worried about life at times. However I have found it is important to know that eventually we need to work toward combating these feelings that can hold us back if we allow them to stick around for too long. Which is why I have a few tips for learning to take a few steps back whenever these feelings are triggered by life changes.

  1. Being Patient with Yourself: This to me, is one of the most important things to think about. While changes can cause a great deal of frustration because of the discomfort they cause. Something many of us do is allow this frustration to be turned toward ourselves. For example, thinking we are not doing enough or beating ourselves up for mistakes we might have made. Both of which I am guilty of doing to myself and because of this it makes it difficult to enjoy anything whether if that is alone or with others. We need to be patient with ourselves and realize that things will work in or favor however they are intended to play out. But we need to be patient and allow that too happen, instead of turning to putting ourselves down. For me I had to realize that just because I graduated, that would not mean that all of the sudden I would turn into this person that would all of the sudden have everything all figured out. Also that I would all of the sudden loose the mindset of a college student which was so unrealistic. I am still very much working on this as I tend to give everyone else as much patience as possible but when it come to myself it isn’t so easy. Its good to have expectations and goals for yourself but being patient and not expecting everything would happen in the blink of an eye.

2. Being Grateful for your Accomplishments: It is natural to believe that no matter what we can always be doing more. The constant need to keep up and compete with those around us. The disappointment that we feel that we are not “where we are supposed to be” (whatever that means). It would be unrealistic to say not to do this and never to think this way. But sadly, it is apart of our nature as humans. But once again as I said before we can not let this torture and taunt us for too long. I’d like to propose a different perspective, which is to allow yourself to look at the things in life that you have already done and accomplished. And with these things simply look at them as what makes you proud of yourself and motivates you to see what is to come next. Some people like to say never get too comfortable or satisfied with how things have been. Which I agree with to some extent but on the other thing feel it is the sort of mindset that causes people to be so unsatisfied with their lives as they think it will never be “enough”. So I like to try and think of life as an opportunity to enjoy what I have done and eventually get to “the next best thing” whatever that may be.

3. Celebrate and enjoy life while you can: With everything I have just said I believe this point will tie everything together. After we pass a certain age, life may seem to be something like a race. Either against ourselves or the rest of the world. A race to constantly find out whats next. But something that we all should strive to do is take a step back and celebrate the present moment, what we have done and what is still to come for us in the future. This is something that I have struggled a lot with and trying to address. I, l, like many others still have so much life left in me. And I want to enjoy every second of it and not waste more time on feeling down because of what I haven’t even given myself a chance to do yet. So enjoy every second you have, because life is far to short to dwell on these things. So celebrate and have fun!

I hope this hasn’t been a complete waste of extended words. Again, I realize I have not written to you all in awhile, but as everyone knows life happens. Because of this we sometimes need to take some time for ourselves to figure things out and take a break from certain things. However I truly feel ready to return to blogging so expect some more consistent posts from me as of now. One final thought I would like to leave with you all is that if you can relate to some of things I have mentioned in this post, you are not alone and we all have those moments. Which is A okay! But just remember not to take things so seriously and celebrate and enjoy the live you have built thus far and what is to come in the near future 🙂

Write to ya again soon!


The Compulsive Smiler 



Maintaining your Mental Health

Hey guys! I am very sorry that I have been MIA since the last time that I posted. I am currently going into my fourth week of classes of my last semester. So as you all can imagine things have been quite hectic for me, especially with getting settled with my everyday schedule and back into the swing of things. However along with this, for the past few weeks I have also found it sort of hard to try and write. Not only have I been physically busy, but so has my mind and I’ll admit not always in the most positive ways. With my life so rapidly changing each day before my eyes, it has certainly taken a huge toll on my mental health lately. Which is why I couldn’t exactly find the motivation to sit down and write. But I decided since that is the very reason that I have been so absent lately, why not just take a shot at sitting down and writing about it to see how it goes.

Mental health is something that many of us have difficulties with keeping up with, especially when we have so much going on in our lives we may just push it off or avoid acknowledging it. To be honest, I don’t know about some of you but personally I feel that acknowledging my mental health a bit scary sometimes making it hard for me to address it. Mental health struggles are completely normal for basically everyone (even those who say otherwise) so it is okay to to the things that we need to do in order to maintain it. It becomes especially important to make sure that we do not ignore maintaining our mental stability during times of lots of life changes and stress which is something that I am still learning each day. Not to talk about it as necessarily something that can be “controlled” because it is hard to try and control our minds. Our minds go where they want, when faster than we can even process what is going on in them.

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Reasons Why I Love Traveling Alone 

Hey guys it’s me again! I hope everyone is still comtinuing to enjoy their holiday time. I know I definitely have been and happy that it is still not quite over yet. So I’m literally on the bus right now to go see my boyfriend in Philly to celebrate New Years with him. I also had a conversation earlier with my dad that inspired me a bit. If you know me personally you know that I do a lot of traveling by myself. Today I was just thinking and realized that I really do love traveling alone for so many reasons. I figured that this is also something that many others can relate to which is why I was like yeah I’m writing about it haha. Besides I’ve got some time to kill before I get there to him so sorry you guys have to be the victims of my boredom but it won’t be too long I swear! Haha

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What Christmas is Like as an Older Child

Hey guys its me again! Bet you didn’t expect me to post again so quickly huh? Well here I am! Lol But I don’t have anything too lengthy for you guys today. I just wanted to talk a little bit about being an older child during Christmas season. Of course its appropriate because it is officially two days before Christmas. Also because yours truly knows a lot about this topic as I am the oldest of 5 siblings currently going through this. As the years have gone by my excitement and overall attitude toward Christmas has changed so much. When I was younger I remember being so excited on Christmas Eve to the point where trying to go to sleep was pretty much impossible. I would get so excited for Christmas morning that I would race into the living room with my siblings and see what gifts that “Santa” (aka my parents) got me. I remember being so happy to see that our Christmas tree was filled with presents underneath and not knowing where to even start with which to open. Although if I remember correctly I liked opening the smaller gifts first and saving the biggest ones for last. But anyways, lately I’ve just been thinking about how much has changed since these days since I am now 21 years old and a senior in college.

First off, I noticed it was hard enough for me to even get into the Christmas spirit this year while worrying about trying to get through the end of the semester between preparing for final exams, figuring out finances, booking travel arrangements and etc. So of course I was not necessarily focused on the fact that Christmas was coming. I remember my parents asking me at some point during the semester, “Hey, so what do you want us to get you for Christmas?” and I was completely taken back by this and confused. Now when they ask these questions it has gone from very specific requests for toys to asking for things that I literally need or cannot afford on my own. Or what literally no one can get enough of and that is money! “Don’t even bother getting me anything, I’ll just take the money you were going to spend on gifts or me.” Or even how about you know keep paying my phone bill for as long as I can stretch it out haha.

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Chilling out During the Holidays

Hey guys its me again! Just wanted to check in with everyone. Sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile this past semester was super tough. So that pretty much meant I had no time for anything! But hey I just completely my last fall semester of school with just one more to go before the “big G, aka Graduation Day! But I still have a little bit of time before then so right now I am just focused on the current moment. Which is why I want to talk about one of my favorite times of the year, the holiday season! The holidays is a great time to chill out, take a step back and enjoy what really matters. So I decided I want to give you guys 4 tips on how to best enjoy your time off for the holidays!

   1. Catch up on some much needed rest!

We all know that sometimes our everyday lives can sometimes take away some of the essential rest that we need whether if its from school, work or any of the other things that we all indulge ourselves in each day.  With that said it is important that we take the time we have off during the holidays as the chance to catch up on some serious relaxation time. Sleep in, take naps, pamper yourself and catch up on your favorite shows! Take some time to rejuvenate after the rough semester, busy work week or whatever it might be causing you stress. Get some rest you deserve it!

2.  Enjoy some quality time with your family, friends or significant other.

Everyone knows that the holidays is the perfect time to spend quality time with your loved one! We often get so caught up in our everyday lives, that we do not always get to see and talk to the people we love the most as often as we need to. These are the people who keep us sane and support us through all of our hardships. And what better time to do this this then during the holidays? I don’t know about you guys but I can’t think of another time. Besides I know that I always manage to have a great time with the people in my life that I love whether if it is doing anything that has to do with food (because food always brings people together lol), going on shopping dates or just hanging out and catching up! Continue reading “Chilling out During the Holidays”

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Young Love is Not Dead

Hey guys its me again! Sorry its been awhile since my last post my schedule has been super crazy lately. But I’ve been super excited about today’s topic that I absolutely love talking about and that is my relationship, I know sounds corny but whatever I have to admit it. My boyfriend Jamal and I have been together for awhile now and we have such a healthy relationship that is full of love. Not to sound cliche but we really entered each other’s lives as a breath of fresh air at just the right time.

But before I get more into the mushy stuff I just have to say that I am also really excited about this post is because it is has a special addition to it. I have been wanting to get into vlogging for awhile so Jamal and I decided to to film my first video together for this very special post! We took the chance to use this as the perfect chance to introduce my first of many video blogs along with share a little about us. We asked people on social media to send us a bunch of questions to answer about our relationship to incorporate into the video in order to make it fun and interactive. Besides if your’e not having fun with your significant other than something is seriously wrong. Fortunately we got a surprising amount of awesome questions that we were able to use for the video! So many that we had to split it into two parts in order to answer them! Guess people actually like us or something who knows. So I’ve included the links to my new YouTube channel towards the end so that you can get to them right from here!

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Theme of the Year: Do What Makes You Smile

Hey guys so this topic is something I have definitely felt inclined to write about and share with you all because it is sort of my personal theme I am choosing to go by this year. For so long I have definitely been the type of person who would place my desires on the back burner for a variety of reasons. Whether if it is fear of what other people will think, putting too much on my plate or doubting my own potential. But this summer really allowed me to take some time to reflect on my current life and the things I want to change. I just thought about how stressed out I was last school year and realized one thing I felt I was lacking was doing the things that make me smile.

Not to say that I never did this before but I knew that I was not doing it ENOUGH. From juggling clubs, events, work, performances, finances, school and much more. I was barely incorporating anytime to do the things that make me happy. For a while I honestly began to forget what those things were and it made me crazy!

For example, one thing that has always been very important to me is expressing my creative side. One of my major outlets of that is singing and that’s one fact about myself that people should definitely know about me. (By the way this topic will get its own post so look out for that soon!) But I have always had such a great love and appreciation for music because of the pure beauty of expression it represents. Singing has been a great love of mine and given me my own unique way of expressing myself for as long as I can remember. It has always been included in my life and it has helped me through several difficulties in my life and also highlighted the good times. Overall I can say that I have a genuine love for it and it is one of the many things in my life that contribute to my happiness. Continue reading “Theme of the Year: Do What Makes You Smile”