Here’s my Intro…

Hey its me,  Jenyia Wilson! aka “the compulsive smiler”, here’s my very first post! I have been wanting to get into the world of blogging and finally mustered up the guts to do it. This blog will be my way to share a side of myself that people don’t usually get to see. I plan to write about the things that go through my mind about my life, past experiences, things going on around me and whatever else I feel like blabbering about from time to time. I have always had the need to find an outlet to release my creative mind and writing has always been one of the major ways I can do that. I’m super excited to share this side of me with others and hope people can relate to me and my ways of thinking. So I hope you guys enjoy this you will get nothing shy of the real me! (which can be good or bad lol). I’ll get to share about my happy and proud moments along with my sad moments where I need my bowl of ice cream handy. So prepare honestly for a little bit of everything tbh. I will be sharing my next post so be on the lookout. So in the meantime welcome to my world and hope you guys enjoy my blog!


The Compulsive Smiler 

7 thoughts on “Here’s my Intro…”

  1. Great first post! It feels really genuine . I’ve had the same desires. I love to write and being creative, I haven’t publicized my WordPress yet but I plan to, you actually encouraged me because I kept going back and forth. I hope this opens up a new level of comfort for you and new levels of personal success!

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  2. Nyia, I’m literally tearing up right now luv u so much keep up the great work always know I’m here for you. Luv u 4 ever n always ur mom 😘


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