Spread The Love People


Hey guys! So I don’t usually post too much online on my opinions on politics and news but with all of the madness that has gone on this week I’m finding it very difficult to not say anything. I feel that by not saying anything, or at least attempting to get some sort of message of mine out it is a waste of what could be valuable thoughts to extend. Most of us tend to always think that sharing our views or opinions won’t cause any sort of change. But you know what? This is not always true, at the end of the day you never know who will come across it. It can be a mass of people or just one single person, if you can make some impact that’s what matters. Not to say that you should just go on social media ranting and arguing back and forth with internet trolls who aren’t worth your time. But with so much madness in the world, we need more ambassadors to spread messages of love and positivity. We should use our talents and positions of power to extend these messages. Whether if it is through blogging, music, social media, sports teams or whatever it may be we can use this to benefit the world around us.

With constantly seeing negativity and hate in the news it can be very discouraging when thinking about what you can do to help. We think to ourselves “I am just one person, what could I possibly do?” The truth is yeah, one single person cannot solve all of the world’s problems. But what each individual person can do is start small and use their positions within their life context to make a difference. This can mean doing a better job with helping those in their local communities, extending kindness to strangers on the street, advocating for what you believe is right, help those who are hurting helping educate ignorant people, there are endless possibilities guys! Also do not shut someone down just because they have a views then you, but maybe try just having a simple conversation discussing your differences and see how far it goes. Do not discourage yourself and think that your actions and words don’t matter because to someone they will. For instance a simple “hello how are you?” can go such a long way.

Stop continuing to endorse hate because the people involved in this type of behavior will never be able to flourish as long as there is LOVE! Love is the ultimate power and will always out way the hate as long as we don’t lose it. Clearly we know that we cannot depend on the government officials to do the job so it is up to us to take a stand up against hate on our own. We can be our own advocators of what is right and don’t need someone to speak on our behalf.

Each day we are constantly loosing innocent people because of hateful actions driven by pure ignorance. We need to continue asking ourselves how many more lives we have to loose from this before enough is enough. Or how much longer will innocent people just trying to live their daily lives have to continue hurting because of these acts? Enough is enough and if you think others it’s time to wake up because the things happening in this world is OUR reality. Even if you think these things do not directly affect you, guess what at any moment it can.

This world is our home and what happens with in it will always affect us in some way. It is our job to take on our roles in the world with hopes to make it a better place as a whole. And to the people who are trying to divide us believe it or not as much as you may claim to “hate” the next person, you can have more in common with then then you’d ever think.  So please everyone keep yourself informed on the world around you. And challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone from time to time. I know that for myself I need to work on not being so afraid to speak my opinion and letting them be heard by others because of the fear of what they will say/do as a result. Never be afraid to stand up for the things that you believe in, and if people don’t agree that is fine. Its how the world works! Think about what more you can do each day to spread more love in the world. If we all do our part little by little I have faith that there will be a much bigger impact than anyone can imagine. Just thought that in the midst of all of this extending some positive words in the best way I can may be more effective then continuing to grow frustration about what is going on.

Also just want to take a moment to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Heather Heyer along with all of those hurting as a result of the Charlottesville, Virginia violence. Also to anyone who lost their loved ones or got severely injured by the incident that just took place in Barcelona, Spain. We live in a world where a simple outing can quickly turn into a nightmare within minutes. These random acts of violence on innocent people need to stop. I am challenging all of you along with myself to spread the love within our everyday lives. Let’s see how far we get with a little each day!



The Compulsive Smiler 

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