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Young Love is Not Dead

Hey guys its me again! Sorry its been awhile since my last post my schedule has been super crazy lately. But I’ve been super excited about today’s topic that I absolutely love talking about and that is my relationship, I know sounds corny but whatever I have to admit it. My boyfriend Jamal and I have been together for awhile now and we have such a healthy relationship that is full of love. Not to sound cliche but we really entered each other’s lives as a breath of fresh air at just the right time.

But before I get more into the mushy stuff I just have to say that I am also really excited about this post is because it is has a special addition to it. I have been wanting to get into vlogging for awhile so Jamal and I decided to to film my first video together for this very special post! We took the chance to use this as the perfect chance to introduce my first of many video blogs along with share a little about us. We asked people on social media to send us a bunch of questions to answer about our relationship to incorporate into the video in order to make it fun and interactive. Besides if your’e not having fun with your significant other than something is seriously wrong. Fortunately we got a surprising amount of awesome questions that we were able to use for the video! So many that we had to split it into two parts in order to answer them! Guess people actually like us or something who knows. So I’ve included the links to my new YouTube channel towards the end so that you can get to them right from here!


But before getting to that something to know about us is that we have a very unique relationship. He lives in  Philadelphia and I live in New York (you’ll hear more about this is in the video). However we do not let being  a “long distance” couple define who we are. We both mean so much to each other that we do not let the distance get in the way of our plans. We truly value our time with each other so much and make sure to appreciate every second we get. I just want all of you fellow millennials out there to know that there is hope for us to find love. Don’t let yourselves get discouraged because of a few failed and unhealthy relationships because there’s someone out there for everyone. There is a lot of doubt that young couples have any sort of shot at lasting in this day and age especially when distance is involved. But if you and the other person truly care about each other nothing will get in the way of that. This is our only life to live and we deserve to be happy and with people who add to that happiness.  I can honestly say that Jamal is my other half and completes me in several ways. At this point I can not imagine my life without him so he’s pretty much stuck with me oh well. Our relationship has so many amazing aspects about it which make it so special. Which is why I decided to share some of those things with you all.

Here are the links to the videos on my YouTube Channel:

Part One:

Part Two:

Thank you guys for reading/watching I really appreciate the support. And special thanks to all of you awesome people who sent us questions for the videos. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for you guys to see what else I have planned. But until then I want you guys to remember young love is not dead, you just need to find the right person.

Please look out for more posts and videos soon. I’ve got so many new ideas planned!

See ya next time!




The Compulsive Smiler and the Boyfriend this time 🙂


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