Chilling out During the Holidays

Hey guys its me again! Just wanted to check in with everyone. Sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile this past semester was super tough. So that pretty much meant I had no time for anything! But hey I just completely my last fall semester of school with just one more to go before the “big G, aka Graduation Day! But I still have a little bit of time before then so right now I am just focused on the current moment. Which is why I want to talk about one of my favorite times of the year, the holiday season! The holidays is a great time to chill out, take a step back and enjoy what really matters. So I decided I want to give you guys 4 tips on how to best enjoy your time off for the holidays!

   1. Catch up on some much needed rest!

We all know that sometimes our everyday lives can sometimes take away some of the essential rest that we need whether if its from school, work or any of the other things that we all indulge ourselves in each day.  With that said it is important that we take the time we have off during the holidays as the chance to catch up on some serious relaxation time. Sleep in, take naps, pamper yourself and catch up on your favorite shows! Take some time to rejuvenate after the rough semester, busy work week or whatever it might be causing you stress. Get some rest you deserve it!

2.  Enjoy some quality time with your family, friends or significant other.

Everyone knows that the holidays is the perfect time to spend quality time with your loved one! We often get so caught up in our everyday lives, that we do not always get to see and talk to the people we love the most as often as we need to. These are the people who keep us sane and support us through all of our hardships. And what better time to do this this then during the holidays? I don’t know about you guys but I can’t think of another time. Besides I know that I always manage to have a great time with the people in my life that I love whether if it is doing anything that has to do with food (because food always brings people together lol), going on shopping dates or just hanging out and catching up!

3. Take advantage of the amazing food that comes with holidays!

As I mentioned before what better thing to bring people together than food?? I especially love the holidays because I absolutely loooove food! I know that for me my family brings out the big guns when it comes to our holiday meals, so I’m sure that’s the same for all of you. Anything that involves sitting around with my favorite people and eating tons of great food sounds like the perfect time to me. Not to mention when as it gets closer to the end of the semester college students have a habit of eating like crap. Also not as much as they should as we are too busy getting ready for finals I’ll admit I am guilty of this lol. But it’s cool because whenever I come home I love enjoying some good home cooked meals that are irreplaceable. Food holds memories that should be cherished!

4. Have Fun!

This is perhaps the most important tip! Having fun during you holidays is crucial because it is the perfect opportunity to do all of the things that you enjoy. I love taking the opportunity to have as much fun as I can during my time off from my busy life to give myself the physical, emotional and mental breaks that I need. For me sometimes that involves my favorite bottle of wine along with my favorite people hahaha. But whatever that might mean for all of you live it up and do these things as much as you can especially when you have the time off for it. Thus the concept of a “break” from your hectic schedules. Not to mention having fun causes lots of smiling and laughing which you can never get enough of. Am I right?

I hope these 4 little tips of mine are helpful and that everyone enjoys their holidays! I know I briefly shared some of my favorite things to do during my holiday breaks. Fill free to comment below and share some of yours right on back with me! And please be on the look out for more posts from me as I will try to do a bunch of blogging during this time I have off for sure.

Once again I hope you guys have a great holiday season and hope to hear from some of you!


The Complusive Smiler 

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