What Christmas is Like as an Older Child

Hey guys its me again! Bet you didn’t expect me to post again so quickly huh? Well here I am! Lol But I don’t have anything too lengthy for you guys today. I just wanted to talk a little bit about being an older child during Christmas season. Of course its appropriate because it is officially two days before Christmas. Also because yours truly knows a lot about this topic as I am the oldest of 5 siblings currently going through this. As the years have gone by my excitement and overall attitude toward Christmas has changed so much. When I was younger I remember being so excited on Christmas Eve to the point where trying to go to sleep was pretty much impossible. I would get so excited for Christmas morning that I would race into the living room with my siblings and see what gifts that “Santa” (aka my parents) got me. I remember being so happy to see that our Christmas tree was filled with presents underneath and not knowing where to even start with which to open. Although if I remember correctly I liked opening the smaller gifts first and saving the biggest ones for last. But anyways, lately I’ve just been thinking about how much has changed since these days since I am now 21 years old and a senior in college.

First off, I noticed it was hard enough for me to even get into the Christmas spirit this year while worrying about trying to get through the end of the semester between preparing for final exams, figuring out finances, booking travel arrangements and etc. So of course I was not necessarily focused on the fact that Christmas was coming. I remember my parents asking me at some point during the semester, “Hey, so what do you want us to get you for Christmas?” and I was completely taken back by this and confused. Now when they ask these questions it has gone from very specific requests for toys to asking for things that I literally need or cannot afford on my own. Or what literally no one can get enough of and that is money! “Don’t even bother getting me anything, I’ll just take the money you were going to spend on gifts or me.” Or even how about you know keep paying my phone bill for as long as I can stretch it out haha.

I’m sure you guys know this struggle adulting is just something isn’t it? Now, don’t get me wrong I appreciate that my parents still try to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Even for their older children although they know it is not the same as the little ones. It’s just funny to me to compare how it was back then versus how it is now in terms of Christmas. From being super excited to having very little excitement. This doesn’t mean that I am a Grinch when it comes to Christmas by any means. Because I love it, its just other aspects of my life has sort of interrupted the Christmas spirit. For example the simple facts that there are now just more things that I need to worry about these days that make it hard sometimes to think about getting ready for Christmas. In all honesty not to get to deep but Christmas is almost like a reminder of growing up for me. It’s like wow I am no longer a kid expecting a bunch of gifts but a growing adult who is just trying to figure things out for myself.  Sort of like a maturity thing, for example being  more appreciative when your parents do buy you stuff for Christmas because you know that they really don’t have to anymore. Or actually being able to give them real gifts back that still do not quite makeup for all that they have done for you in your entire life.

I guess my point here is that even though when you’re older Christmas does not always give us the same excitement as it did when you were younger it is nice to appreciate the other aspects that it comes with. Things like being able to actually give gifts instead of receiving them or keeping the excitement alive for your younger siblings. These things bring us a different source of appreciation of Christmas. So if any of you are experiencing some of these feelings as well just know its not just you! Which is why I  thought why not just write a quick post about this topic. Don’t let growing up take away your excitement for the holidays because it is a time that your supposed to enjoy! Just remember what the holidays are really for and that’s enjoying the time with the people you love the most.

But that’s all I’ve got for now and I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and please don’t be a Grinch!

Talk to you guys soon,


The Compulsive Smiler

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