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Reasons Why I Love Traveling Alone 

Hey guys it’s me again! I hope everyone is still comtinuing to enjoy their holiday time. I know I definitely have been and happy that it is still not quite over yet. So I’m literally on the bus right now to go see my boyfriend in Philly to celebrate New Years with him. I also had a conversation earlier with my dad that inspired me a bit. If you know me personally you know that I do a lot of traveling by myself. Today I was just thinking and realized that I really do love traveling alone for so many reasons. I figured that this is also something that many others can relate to which is why I was like yeah I’m writing about it haha. Besides I’ve got some time to kill before I get there to him so sorry you guys have to be the victims of my boredom but it won’t be too long I swear! Haha

So here’s the deal I really love traveling alone for so many reasons. But I’ll just highlight the four main reasons why for you guys:

Reason #1: Great Reflection Time

The reason I say this is because everytime I travel somewhere, even if it is back and fourth between home and school, to visit my family or boyfriend or any other random trips. It really gives me the time I need sometimes to not have to gather my thoughts about whatever ever may be on my mind at the moment. With our busy on the go lives it can be really hard sometimes to give ourselves the time that we need to sit and think without having to worry about doing something or going anywhere. If you really think about it makes sense because when you are traveling you are literally sitting still in your seat until you reach your destination which means you have to slow down for the time being. I know personally when I am traveling sometimes it is really relaxing for me especially when I’m not in a huge rush to get to where I am going. So some of my best thinking time takes place when I’m on the bus, train, plane, or car on the way to where I am going. Also side note I have gotten some really great inspiration and ideas while traveling which is also a nice feeling.

Reason #2: Not Having to Worry About Others

Now don’t get me wrong here I do enjoy traveling with friends and family when given the chance. However sometimes traveling with extra people adds more stress to the trip that can sometimes get annoying. For one you have to make sure that everyone stays together and knows what is going on. This way you avoid people getting left behind. But when you have a slow poke or a person who is horrible with paying attention in your mix this can be tough keeping people on the same page. Plus you don’t have to worry about making sure that you find seats on the bus, train plane, etc to accommodate everyone who is with you. When I am alone it’s simple find a single seat that fits my needs and park it lol. It’s just nice to know that you don’t have to wait for anyone or worry because you just have yourself to keep up with. Not to say even that isn’t difficult, especially if your someone like me who is always super discombobulated and all over the place. Even more justification for me not to always have the capacity to worry about other people when I travel. Please don’t let this make you think that if you invite to go on a trip that it’ll be an automatic no though. Just so everyone knows I am always open to going on trips!

Reason #3 Great Time to Relax 

I personally love the relaxation time I get when I am traveling. Whether if it is catching up on some much needed sleep, listening to music, writing blogs… or you know whatever else I use the time for. Side note when I’m traviling it is actually my favorite time to listen to new music form some of my favorite artists or new artists. Because sometimes during the week it can be very difficult to find the time to listen to all of the great new music that is constantly coming out all the time. Also when I travel in the mornings I’ve gotten some really great sleep to make up for the time I lost due to the fact that I had to wake up and leave so it’s not so bad haha. So it gives me great time to just sit back and chill especially if the ride isn’t super packed with people.

Reason #4: I’ve Met Some Great People and Had Some Cool Conversations

This is sort of one of my favorite reasons that I love traveling alone. Whether we notice this or not we spend a lot of time surrounded by people with nearly everything we do. I spend a great deal of time thinking about all of the strangers around me sometimes and just wonder what is their story. There’s so many people in this world to get to know and for me it is great sometimes to just talk to random people and hear their life story even if it is just on a quick trip somewhere. I have met so many interesting people while traveling and it really is cool. What starts off as a simple “Hello, how are you?” can turn into a great conversation and connection. I just figure that traveling can sometimes make us so focused on where we are going so we don’t even take a few moments to at least get aquatinted with the person that we are sitting next to. Which I honestly feel is kind of weird if you think about it. Sitting so close to someone but not even sharing two words the whole ride. So I usually always make it a point to at least say hello to person next to me when I travel. So keep that in mind the next time your traveling you never know what cool things you can learn about the person sitting next to you.

So there’s my piece about why I love traveling alone! I hope you all don’t think that I am anti social or anything it’s just nice to take advantage of the time alone when I get the chance. Sometimes these experience are so cool that you can’t always necessarily explain to others how it was which can be nice as well. But really overall I just love traveling period being able to see what every trip and experience brings me. Feel free to share with me any comments or experiences som of you guys have had with traveling! But for now that’s all I’ve got so hope you guys enjoy this post and continue to enjoy your holiday! And I’ll lend an early Happy New Year because I probably won’t post again until after.

Talk to you guys again soon,


The Compulsive Smiler

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