Why Taking a Step Back is so Important

Hello everyone It’s me the Compulsive Smiler back to typing at computer! As you may have noticed I have taken a break from writing to you guys for a bit. It just so happens that I made the decision to take a mental health day to gather my thoughts and spend some much needed quality time with myself. You see the thing is I have had a lot of changes in my life in the past few months. One huge thing including graduating from college! Yes your girl officially has her bachelors degree! This has been such an interesting transitional period in my life that has truly been crazy.  For one I have been getting settled into my first place and having more bills and expenses than I have ever experienced (Although I love the new place! haha).

This is part of the reason why I have decided to take a break from blogging for a few months as I have found it difficult to focus my attention to all of my creative outlets. Now while changes can be exciting, they can also cause a great deal of stress and tension in one’s life. With that, they can cause you to be fearful of the uncertain because you are unsure of what comes next. While feeling this way it is easy to bring someone into somewhat of a depressive state, which I can relate to experiencing thus why I have found it difficult to engage in a lot of things. However I have given myself some time to realize that it is okay to feel scared, unsatisfied and worried about life at times. However I have found it is important to know that eventually we need to work toward combating these feelings that can hold us back if we allow them to stick around for too long. Which is why I have a few tips for learning to take a few steps back whenever these feelings are triggered by life changes.

  1. Being Patient with Yourself: This to me, is one of the most important things to think about. While changes can cause a great deal of frustration because of the discomfort they cause. Something many of us do is allow this frustration to be turned toward ourselves. For example, thinking we are not doing enough or beating ourselves up for mistakes we might have made. Both of which I am guilty of doing to myself and because of this it makes it difficult to enjoy anything whether if that is alone or with others. We need to be patient with ourselves and realize that things will work in or favor however they are intended to play out. But we need to be patient and allow that too happen, instead of turning to putting ourselves down. For me I had to realize that just because I graduated, that would not mean that all of the sudden I would turn into this person that would all of the sudden have everything all figured out. Also that I would all of the sudden loose the mindset of a college student which was so unrealistic. I am still very much working on this as I tend to give everyone else as much patience as possible but when it come to myself it isn’t so easy. Its good to have expectations and goals for yourself but being patient and not expecting everything would happen in the blink of an eye.

2. Being Grateful for your Accomplishments: It is natural to believe that no matter what we can always be doing more. The constant need to keep up and compete with those around us. The disappointment that we feel that we are not “where we are supposed to be” (whatever that means). It would be unrealistic to say not to do this and never to think this way. But sadly, it is apart of our nature as humans. But once again as I said before we can not let this torture and taunt us for too long. I’d like to propose a different perspective, which is to allow yourself to look at the things in life that you have already done and accomplished. And with these things simply look at them as what makes you proud of yourself and motivates you to see what is to come next. Some people like to say never get too comfortable or satisfied with how things have been. Which I agree with to some extent but on the other thing feel it is the sort of mindset that causes people to be so unsatisfied with their lives as they think it will never be “enough”. So I like to try and think of life as an opportunity to enjoy what I have done and eventually get to “the next best thing” whatever that may be.

3. Celebrate and enjoy life while you can: With everything I have just said I believe this point will tie everything together. After we pass a certain age, life may seem to be something like a race. Either against ourselves or the rest of the world. A race to constantly find out whats next. But something that we all should strive to do is take a step back and celebrate the present moment, what we have done and what is still to come for us in the future. This is something that I have struggled a lot with and trying to address. I, l, like many others still have so much life left in me. And I want to enjoy every second of it and not waste more time on feeling down because of what I haven’t even given myself a chance to do yet. So enjoy every second you have, because life is far to short to dwell on these things. So celebrate and have fun!

I hope this hasn’t been a complete waste of extended words. Again, I realize I have not written to you all in awhile, but as everyone knows life happens. Because of this we sometimes need to take some time for ourselves to figure things out and take a break from certain things. However I truly feel ready to return to blogging so expect some more consistent posts from me as of now. One final thought I would like to leave with you all is that if you can relate to some of things I have mentioned in this post, you are not alone and we all have those moments. Which is A okay! But just remember not to take things so seriously and celebrate and enjoy the live you have built thus far and what is to come in the near future 🙂

Write to ya again soon!


The Compulsive Smiler 


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